In 2014, I wrote quite a bit. Nothing too professional, just snippets here and there, mostly on my Tumblr and my other WordPress, about my life, my opinions on academia, and rantings about things that dissatisfied me within activism and academics. I first got the idea for a more serious academic blog in about November, but held off on it due to fears of plagiarism.

Now that I’m all but finished with my applications to grad school, have some free time, and want to have an easy way to reserve good ideas that pop in my head, I’ve decided to finally get this academic blog underway.

On this blog, you can expect to find:

– Posts about the experience of being an upcoming (hopefully!) grad student in Canada

– Opinions about popular, current discourses in Feminism/Gender Studies

– Drafts for ideas which will, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, become books, articles in journals, or lectures

– Occasional tirades about things which outright annoy me

Hope I hear from some lovely readers soon! My comment box is always open!


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